Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 02 : Elements of art


Shapes and forms exist in space, which is the emptiness or area between, around, above, below or within objects. Space refers to dsthe area that a shape or form occupies. It also refers to the background against which we see the shape or form. Space can be defined as positive and negative. The positive space of a design is the filled space in the design—often it is the shapes that make up the design. Negative space is the back­ground. The negative space in design is as important as the positive area .

Organizing and enhancing of space

  • Organization of space is basic in modern architecture home planning and interior decoration.
  • A sense of the beauty of space makes us want large undecorated walls and floors which bound space without disturbing its effect.
  • Appreciation of space may lead to using a small amount of furniture and arranging it in groups, so that we can have some empty silent spaces in our rooms.
  • The present trend is for space to become free and less obstructed throughout a house.
  • Indoor space seems increased by means of few partitions and larger openings between rooms.
  • Indoor space seems also to connect with limitless outdoor space by use of glass walls, large openings and porches.
  • The landscape designer, as well as the architect, organizes the space in the garden so that the result is livable, functional and completely integrated with the house.
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