Characteristics of colour

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Characteristics of colour

In study of physics we learn that light travels in waves of different lengths and at different rates of speed and these waves produce the sensation in the eye, which we call as color’. Objects have a property calledcolor quality” which makes it possible for them to reflect some of these wave lengths and to absorb others. The color of an object is determined by the wave lengths that it does not absorb. For example, an object that we see as white in daylight appears white because it has reflected all wave lengths equally to our eyes and has not absorbed one set more than another. But one that appears blue, has not absorbed the blue rays of the white light as much as it has absorbed the others and so by this reflection of the blue wave lengths we see its color as blue.

The Light and Colour Normal Colorus:

When a white light is broken down against a white background, a spectrum appears, in which all the rainbow colors are spread out in a band. These colors, just as they appear in the spectrum, are commonly called the normal colors and are named as -Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR).


The Neutral colours (black, white and gray):

Black results from the absence of color or of light. A surface that absorbs all color or all light rays will appear black. White is a com­bination of all the colors in light. A surface that reflects all colors equally will appear white in white light. Gray is a neutral resulting from a mixture of pigments. Pigments, unlike light rays, absorb white and when mixed they leave black or gray instead of produc­ing a clear white. In other words, a pigment absorbs everything from white but its own color, and the combination of red, yellow, and blue pigments absorbs all the wave lengths from white. The whole mixture, having absorbed all the wave lengths, makes gray. If the pigments are concentrated or pigments are increased, gray will turn as black. Fig 4.25 depicts the interiors in neutral colors.

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