Modern Art and Their Characteristics

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson : 15 Folk and Rural Art in India

Modern Art and Their Characteristics

Modern art denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during 1860-1970 onwards and the term is associated with art in which traditions in creations of art were experimented with a new spirit. The ideas the outlook, the nature of materials used the functional & usage of the products of new technologies together gave a new emergence as modern art.
Baroque, Picasso and several other artists in the 1920’s were characterized experimenting different textures, surfaces, colors, elements of art, the effect of light etc. At the beginning of 20th century, several young artists brought out their experimentation with multi-colored, expressive landscapes, figures’, models etc. Which were appreciated for their use of intense warm and cool colors and also in contrast / suitable backgrounds.

An art work does wonders, as follows:

  • A well placed art work in prominent place becomes the focal work for the whole room or in other words, an art work can be used as a center of emphasis, by the interior designer
  • An art work needs to be motivating and increasing a unified look for the various colour and patterns used in a room
  • The choice of art may depict the personality of the individual or family
  • Modern art is chosen for use with the sophisticated urban feel for the contemporary design.
  • Modern art also bridges the combination of traditional and modern design
  • Contemporary homes are characterized by their cool color palettes with a lot of whites, creams with shades of darken brown. So a piece of vibrant art work adds beauty for such spaces.
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