15.3. Application in aquaculture

Unit 15 - Adjuvants
15.3. Application in aquaculture
The success of aquaculture industry directly depends on the health aquatic animals. Since these animals are in surrounded by potential pathogens in aquatic media, these animals often get clinical syndromes caused by many infectious organisms, where some of them may leads to serious disease and vaccination can be given to fish against that pathogen in order to protect the fish form disease. This vaccine is given along with adjuvant. In fish vaccination alum and oil are used as adjuvant. Some new adjuvants like hemin and haemoglobin, ECP of Mycobacterium, microsilica, and polar glycopeptidolipids of Mycobacterium chelonae are introduced newly in fish vaccine. Also the immunostimulants like B-D-glucan, levamisole, vitamine E, vitamin C etc. have been used to enhance the immunity in immunocompromised aquatic animals. Light oil adjuvants are successfully used with injectable vaccine of A. salmonicida, a multivalent vaccine containing A. salmonicida, Yersinia sp. and/or Vibrio sp. Some of these adjuvants can be used alone as well.
Effective action of some adjuvants/immunostimulants in fish are:

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