Course Outline

Module 1: Bio-molecules

Lesson 1. Amino acids
Lesson 2. Protein structure
Lesson 3. Carbohydrates
Lesson 4. Lipids
Lesson 5. Nucleic acids (DNA & RNA)
Lesson 6. Spectrophotometric assays of Bio-molecules

Module 2: Enzymes

Lesson 7. Enzyme catalysis and classification
Lesson 8. Enzyme kinetics
Lesson 9. Mechanism of enzyme action
Lesson 10. Factors affecting enzyme activity
Lesson 11. Enzyme inhibition
Lesson 12. Regulatory enzymes
Lesson 13. Immobilization of enzyme
Lesson 14. Zymogens and ribozymes

Lesson 15. Determination of enzyme activity
Module 3: Metabolism

Lesson 16. Glycolysis
Lesson 17. Gluconeogenesis
Lesson 18. TCA cycle
Lesson 19. Glycogen degradation and
Lesson 20. Fatty acid oxidation
Lesson 21. Biosynthesis of fatty acids
Lesson 22. Electron transport chain and ATP synthesis
Lesson 23. Amino acid catabolism

Module 4: Human nutrition

Lesson 24. Human nutrition
Lesson 25. Nutrient requirements of different age groups
Lesson 26. Evaluation of nutrient value of food
Lesson 27. Vitamins
Lesson 28. Hormones
Lesson 29. Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
Lesson 30. Milk Intolerance and hypersensitivity
Lesson 31. Elementary knowledge of milk synthesis in mammary gland
Lesson 32. Planning and nutritional policies
Lesson 33. Safety aspects of food additives, toxic elements, radionuclides in milk and milk products
Lesson 34. Estimation of vitamin C and cholestrol

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