Marketing Management and International Trade 2(2+0)

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of marketing

Lesson 1. Concept of marketing and marketing management process

Lesson 2. Functions of marketing

Lesson 3. Scope of marketing management

Lesson 4. Elements of marketing mix

Lesson 5. Marketing environment: Micro and macro environments

Module 2: Consumer behaviour and market intelligence

Lesson 6. Consumer buying behaviour

Lesson 7. Market demand assessment – present and future demand

Lesson 8. Market planning

Lesson 9. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning

Lesson 10. Marketing information system

Lesson 11. Marketing research and its application

Module 3: Elements of marketing mix – I. Product

Lesson 12. Managing the product

Lesson 13. New product development
Lesson 14. The concept of product life cycle
Lesson 15. Product brand and packaging

Module 4: Elements of marketing mix – II. Price

Lesson 16. Pricing and its methods
Lesson 17. Price determination and pricing policy of milk products

Module 5: Elements of marketing mix – III. Place

Lesson 18. Marketing channels
Lesson 19. Wholesaling
Lesson 20. Retailing

Module 6: Elements of marketing mix – IV. Promotion

Lesson 21. Advertising
Lesson 22. Sales promotion
Lesson 23. Personnel selling
Lesson 24. Publicity

Module 7: Dairy product marketing

Lesson 25. Status and problems in marketing of dairy products

Module 8: International marketing

Lesson 26. Salient features of international marketing
Lesson 27. International marketing environment
Lesson 28. International market entry strategies
Lesson 29. Product and price elements
Lesson 30. Place and promotion elements
Lesson 31. Deciding the marketing organization structure
Lesson 32. World Trade Organization

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