Food and Industrial Microbiology (3+1)
Course Outline

Module 1: The trajectory of food microbiology

Lesson 1. Introduction to Food Microbiology - Part I:Bacteria
Lesson 2. Introduction to Food Microbiology - Part II: Yeast, Mold and Virus

Module 2: Microorganisms and food materials

Lesson 3. Microbial growth and its quantification
Lesson 4. Factors affecting growth and survival of microorganisms in foods
Lesson 5. Role of Predictive Microbiology

Module 3: Microbiology of food commodities

Lesson 6. Overview of spoilage
Lesson 7. Microbial spoilage of fruits and fruit juices
Lesson 8. Microbial spoilage of vegetables
Lesson 9. Microbial spoilage of cereals and bakery foods
Lesson 10. Microbiology of meat, poultry, sea foods
Lesson 11. Microbial spoilage of canned foods

Module 4 : Microbiology of food preservation

Lesson 12. Physical methods-Thermal processing
Lesson 13. Physical methods: Part II: Non thermal processing
Lesson 14. Chemical methods
Lesson 15. Natural antimicrobial compounds
Lesson 16. Emergency methods of food preservation
Lesson 17. Combination methods of preservation
Lesson 18. Biotechnology in food preservation

Module 5 : Bioprocessing

Lesson 19. Overview of bioprocessing
Lesson 20. Growth curve, growth measurement, growth cultivation
Lesson 21. Growth cultivation-batch and continuous type

Module 6 : Fermentation process strategies

Lesson 22. Types of fermentation-submerged, solid and surface type

Module 7 : Bioreactor configuration

Lesson 23. Fermentors: Types, functions, design and control
Lesson 24. Submerged fermentor system and their types
Lesson 25. Solid fermentor system and their types

Module 8 : Stages in a fermentation process

Lesson 26. Upstream Processing and Downstream Processing

Module 9 : Microbial process strategies

Lesson 27. Single cell protein and industrial alcohol
Lesson 28. Organic food-citric, lactic and vinegar
Lesson 29. Industrial enzymes and vitamin B-12
Lesson 30. Bacteriocins and antibiotics
Lesson 31. Fermented foods

Module 10 : Dairy waste management

Lesson 32. Treatment and disposal of waste water and effluents

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