Protein requirements


  • Since wool fibres i.e. keratin is composed almost entirely of protein, sheep need a greater proportion of protein.
  • Sheep can convert NPN substances into good quality microbial protein in rumen.
  • Methionine is first limiting amino acid in microbial protein.

Meicheri sheep -Sturdy and withstands drought

  • When NPN substances like urea, biuret are used in sheep ration, the Nitrogen : Sulphur ratio should be maintained as 10:1.
  • A level of 10% protein in ration is adequate for wool production.

Glyrecidia is a tree fodder which contains 18 to 25% Crude Protein and can be fed for sheep

  • The Nutritive ratio for lambs of body weight 50 kg or more should be 1:7 or 1:8, whereas in ewes and nursing lamb it should be 1:6.5.
  • Wool is very rich in cystine and methionine (sulphur containing amino acid ).
  • The ordinary rations provide the required quantity of cystine and methionine.
  • However if sheep are fed a ration unusually low in cystine, then feeding of protein supplements high in cystine or methionine is beneficial (Blood meal is rich in cystine).

Sesbania (Agathi) is a tree fodder with 18-22 % Crude Protein

  • The approximate daily DCP requirement for maintenance is 1/10th of the TDN or 1 gm for every 1 kg of body weight.
  • This requirement increases by about 50% during pregnancy and 100% during lactation and growth.
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