• Goats are regarded as "Poor Man's Cow". In India total goat population is about 121 millions, which is about 20% of total goat population in the world.
  • In India about 1/3rd goat population is contributed by desi and unrecognised breeds which have low potential for meat, milk and hair production.

Goat rerared on free range system in India

  • We have a scanty availability of pasture land, and lack in irrigation facilities for nutritious fodder production.
  • Therefore careful attention is required to be given regarding feeding of goats.

slatted floor sheds for goats

Common Feeds and fodders for goats

  • Tree Leaves: Babul, Neem, Pipal, Mango, Prosopis, Gliricidia, Mulberry, Subabul, Banyan etc. These tree leaves are also called as top feed.
  • Grasses: Cenchrus ciliaris, Cenchrus setigerus, Para, Guinea ,Napier etc.
  • Legume pastures: Stylosanthes hamata, Stylo santhes scabra, Siratro, butterfly pea, etc.
  • Legume fodders: Berseem, Lucerne, Cowpea, etc.
  • Cereal fodders: Maize, Jowar, Oats etc.
  • Dry feeds: Dry pods of babul (acacia), Prosopis juliflora, Rain tree, Subabul; Cereal straw, legumes straws (groundnut haulms, gram straw), gram husk and gram waste.
  • In addition a free choice lick of mineral mixture has to be kept in goats shed.
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