Protein requirement


  • For carrying out different physiological functions like growth, pregnancy, lactation, and maintenance, proteins are required essentially.

Hedge Lucerne is weighed and fed as apotrein supplement for goats ( CP 20 to24% on DMB)

  • The daily average requirement of dietary proteins for maintenance is 20-30 g DCP/50 kg body weight and for milk production it is 60-70 g DCP/kg of milk produced.
  • A minimum of 6% total proteins have to be provided otherwise fed intake gets reduced which may result in reduced semen activity and lowered feed efficiency.

Glyrecida is a a tree fodder and a good source of protein for goats (CP: 20-25%)

  • Urea can replace part of protein in goat’s diet however urea should not be added in lactating goats as it may cause toxicity.
  • In complete forage diet urea can replace 1/3rd of dietary proteins while in concentrate ration it can replace 1/2 of the proteins in diet.
  • The digestive tract of goats needs an approximately 3 weeks period to adapt to urea utilization efficiently.
  • An intake of 44 g urea/100 kg body weight at a single feeding results in acute toxicity. Therefore the level of urea should be gradually increased in the diet.
  • When urea is used to replace proteins in the diet care should be taken to add sulphur so as to maintain Nitrogen Sulphur in ration at 10:1.

Sesbania (Agathi) is a tree fodder and a good source of protein for goats (CP: 20-23%)

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