(Sesbania grandiflora)


Sesbania - Agathi:

  • The leaves of sesbania trees are highly palatable and mostly liked by goats. The protien content in this is about 25%.
  • Season: Grown throughout the year under irrigation. Comes up in soils with good drainage

Preparation of the Field (Irrigated Crop):

  • Ploughing the Field
    • Plough two to three times with an iron plough to obtain good tilth.
  • Application of FYM
    • Apply and spread 25 t/ha of FYM or compost on the unploughed field and incorporate the manure into the soil during ploughing.
  • Forming ridges and furrows
    • Form ridges and furrows 100 cm apart using ridger and irrigation channels across furrows.
  • Application of Fertilizers
    • Apply NPK fertilizer as per soil test recommendations as far as possible. If the soil testing is not done, follow the blanket recommendations of 10:25:12.5 kg NPK /ha.
    • Apply full dose of NPK basally before sowing.
    • Open a furrow 5 cm deep on the side of the ridges and place the fertilizer mixture at the above rate along the furrows and cover with soil.
    • Top dress 12.5 kg Phosphorus once in two years.
  • Sowing
    • Seed rate is 7.5 kg /ha , sow the seeds at a spacing of 100 cm x 100 cm (100 cm between ridges and 100 cm between plants within the ridge).
  • Water Management
    • Irrigate immediately after sowing, and thereafter once in 15 days.
  • Weed Management
    • Hoeing and weeding are given as and when necessary.
    • First cut after 8 months subsequent harvests at an interval of 60-80 days. Green fodder yield of 100 tonnes per year is obtained from one hectare.
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