Noise pollution

Noise pollution

    • The word noise is derived from the Latin word nausea. Unwanted sound that causes discomfort to the listener is called noise. Wrong sound in wrong place at wrong time is also called as noise.

    The root cause

    • Modern mechanization and technological innovation have greatly increased the source of noise forced to consider it a major component of environmental pollution.
    • Formerly it was limited with the industrial environment only where heavy machines used to work round the clock. But with growing population heavy traffic and urban crowd and electrical entertainment it has become new irritant and some of environmental assistance.


    1. Natural - Thunder
    2. Man made - Industrial and Non-industrial

    Industrial source

    Industries of various kinds such as textile, iron, steel, utensils, automobiles, fertilizers, paper, ceramics and thermal power stations are the major contribution of noise. Machines in connection with threshing, grinding, drilling, bunching, weaving, boiler making, forging, pressing and blasting operations.
    • Industrial source of pollution
    • Non-industrial source
    • Domestic noise
    • Loud speaker
    • Construction work
    • Traffic
    • Crowded markets
    • Theatres
    • Religious function
    • Cultural festivals
    • Trains
    • Air craft’s
    • Projection of satellites
    • Atomic explosions.
    Non-industrial source

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