Effect of Noise pollution

Effect of Noise pollution

    Effect of Noise pollution:
    • Effect on human beings
    • Affects physiological and mental health
    • Reduces job efficiency
    • Reduces enjoyment of life at home.
    • Prolonged exposure to noise beyond 90 dB may cause hearing loss.
    • In some cases, it causes auditory fatigue, nervousness, irritability, increased blood pressure, cardio-vascular, respiratory, glandular, deafness and neurological disorders. Physiological disorder : Neurosis, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension

    Effects on wildlife:
    Decline is migratory birds to a habitat if it becomes noisy animals become dull and inactive.

    Effects on non living things

    • High intensity of noise, such as vibrations emanating from heavy machineries cause shattering of window glasses, loosen the plaster of house walls, cracks in walls.
    • Some time even cause the shattering of the foundation of the building.
    • Noise may also cause depreciation of the residential property located nearby air path, highways, industrial areas and other noise prone areas.

    Control of noise pollution:

    (1) Control of noise at source:
    • Designing and fabricating silencing devices and then use in air craft, motor cycles, industrial machines and home appliances.
    • Segregating the noisy equipments.
    • Introducing less noisy machines in plan of noisy areas.
    • Conducting noisy operations in open spaces far away from residential zones.
    • Setting up industries 5 km away from residential zones.

    (2) Control of transmission
    • This is achieved by covering the room walls with sound absorbing materials constrained layer damping technique.

    (3) Protection of exposed person
    • Using weaving devices such as ear plugs and ear muffs.

    (4) Creation of vegetation and buffer zones
    • Growing of noise absorbing plants like Ashoka, Banyan, Neem, Legume, Tamarind, Coconut etc. in the road side and in front of buildings.

    (5) Environmental education and awareness
    • People may be made aware of health hazards of noise pollution through news papers, Television, Articles, Radio, News reels in cinema halls etc.

    (6) Legislation
    • Strict laws and enforcement; Appointing Noise Inspectors.
    Noise Source Intensity (dB)
    Breathing 10
    Soft whisper 20
    Library 30
    Low volume radio (Walkman) 35
    Normal conversation 35 to 60
    Telephone 60
    Alarm clock 70
    Traffic 70 to 90
    Lions roar (at 12 feet) 105
    Thunder, Jet, Train whistle (at 50 feet) 110
    Air craft Jet take off (at 100 feet) 120
    Siren 150
    Space rocket 170

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