Course Overview

Course Overview

    Overall aim of the course
    • To impart fundamental aspects on Food, Nutrition and its Functions.
    • To know about the needs of the individuals, and their requirements.
    • To describe the defiency diseases due to lack of Macro and Micro nutrients.
    • To educate about the Nutritional Status of all age groups and their Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA).

    Knowledge skills
    • Develop knowledge and understanding on food and its related functions.
    • Develop knowledge about the nutritional deficiency disease, sources and requirements.

    Intellectual skills
    • Develop the ability to identify the symptoms of nutritional deficiency diseases.
    • Develop the knowledge to overcome the Nutritional deficiency symptoms.

    Professional and Practical skills
    • Development of skill in clinical examination of nutritional deficiency diseases.
    • Develop the ability to use Anthropometric tools.
    • Able to recommend appropriate diet for nutritional deficiency diseases.

    Teaching and Learning methods
    • Lectures with the help of PowerPoint presentations.
    • Discussion and class activities.
    • Information collected from Internet and text books.
    • Practical exercises.
    • Nutrition educational Programme to improve the practical skills.
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