1. Food – Functions and Physico-chemical properties.
    2. Methods of cooking
    3. Nutrition – Relation to good health. Characteristics of well and malnourished population
    4. Energy – Definition, determination of energy requirements
    5. Determination of food energy and total energy needs of the body
    6. Carbohydrates – Classification, properties, functions, sources and requirements
    7. Carbohydrates –Digestion, absorption and utilization
    8. Proteinclassification, properties, functions, sources, requirements, essential and non-essential amino acids
    9. Protein – digestion and absorption, Quality of proteins –PER, NPR, NPU, supplementary value of proteins and deficiency diseases
    10. Lipids –classification, properties, functions, sources, requirements. saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
    11. Lipids – Digestion, absorption and utilization and deficiency diseases
    12. Macro minerals –functions, sources, requirements and deficiency diseases
    13. Micro minerals – functions, sources, requirements and deficiency diseases
    14. Water soluble vitamins – functions, sources, requirements and deficiency diseases
    15. Fat soluble vitamins – functions, sources, requirements and deficiency diseases
    16. Balanced diet, Recommended dietary allowances for various age groups Assessment of nutritional status of the population

    1. Methods of measuring food ingredients
    2. Effect of cooking on volume and weight
    3. Determination of percentage of edible portion of food stuffs
    4. Browning reactions of Vegetables
    5. Browning reactions of Fruits
    6. Microscopic examination of Starches
    7. Estimation of energy value of Foods
    8. Estimation of protein value of Foods
    9. Estimation of fat value of Foods
    10. Planning diet for infants
    11. Planning diet for Pre school children
    12. Planning diet for School going children
    13. Planning diet for adolescents (Boys and Girls)
    14. Planning diet for Adults (Male and Female)
    15. Planning diet for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mother
    16. Planning diet for Geriatric people (old and ill)
    17. Practical examination
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