The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( Slaughter House) Rules,2001


Q 28) What does law provides with respect to the slaughtering houses?

  • A ) There are certain rules provided under The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals ( Slaughter House) Rules, 2001.
  • Section 2(c) of the above mentioned Act defines ‘slaughter house’ as a slaughter house wherein 10 or more than 10 animals are slaughtered per day and is duly licensed or recognized under a Central, State or Provincial Act or any rules or regulations made thereunder.
Q 29) What is the law regarding the slaughtering of animals?
  • A) Section 3(1) of the above mentioned Act provides that animals cannot be slaughtered except in the recognized and licensed houses. Also, Section 3(2), prohibits slaughtering of any animal
    • which is pregnant or
    • has an offspring less than three months old, or
    • the animal which is under the age of three months or
    • has not been certified by a veterinary doctor that it is in a fit condition to be slaughtered.

Q 30) Is slaughtering of animal apart from the slaughter house forbidden?

  • A) Wherever there is a Government slaughter-house, the slaughter cannot be done anywhere else. If there is no government slaughter house in that area then killing can only take place in licenced slaughter houses which should be situated where they are not public nusisance and an environmental hazard. These slaughterhouses have to follow the Municipal Corporation laws and the ISI regulations. Lambs or any other animals cannot be slaughtered in slums, in roadside ramshackle meat shops or in dhabas or in private houses.
Q31) Is it crime to sell camel’s meat?
  • A)Camel’s meat is not notified item of food, as per the provisions of the prevention of cruelty to animals act,1960.Presently, provision is available, only for slaughtering cattle, goat, sheep and pig, within the Corporation limits. There is no qualified Veterinary Surgeon, who can certify the fitness of a camel or the suitability of its meat for consumption by human beings, or a licensed person to slaughter a camel.There are no licensed persons within the Corporation limits for the sale of camel’s meat also. The license to sell beef will not enable the sale of camel’s meat.
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