The Experiments On Animals( Control And Supervision) Rules,1968


Q 32) What does the law says regarding the conducting of experiments on animals?

A) Section 4 of the Experiments on Animals ( Control and Supervision ) Rules, 1968 lays down certain conditions regarding the conducting of experiments which are as follows :

  1. Experiments should be performed with due care and humanity
  2. Experiments shall be performed in every case by or under the supervision of persons duly qualified, in a laboratory adequately equipped and staffed for the purpose and under the responsibility of the person performing the experiment.
  3. Minimum number of animals shall be used in an experiment
  4. Experiments involving operative procedure more severe than simple inoculation or superficial venesection shall be performed under the influence of anaesthetic of sufficient power to prevent the animal feeling pain and it shall remain so throughtout the experiment.
  5. The experiment shall not be performed for the purpose of attaining or retaining manual skill.
  6. Experiment shall not be performed by way of an illustration of lecture in schools or colleges
  7. Experiments shall not be performed as a public demonstration except for advancement of knowledge
  8. The substance known as Urari or Curari or any such paralysant shall not be used or administered for the purpose of any experiment except in conjunction with anaesthetic of sufficient depth to produce loss of consciousness;

Q 33) Is it illegal to sell animals for experiments?

  • A ) Yes, it is illegal to sale animals for experiments. Section 4A of The Experiments on Animals ( control and Supervision) puts restriction on sale, etc., of animals for experiments. It says that no officer, employee or agent of any animal-control authority shall see, give transfer, trade, supply or otherwise provide any animal coming into his or her possession to any animal dealer, commercial kennel, pet shop, laboratory, educational institution or other person for the use in research, product development testing, education, biological production or other scientific, biomedical or veterinary purposes. Also the hospital, educational institution, laboratory or any person is prohibited to purchase or accept any dog or cat not purposely bred for research from any animal-control authority, commercial kennel, pet shop or animal dealer for use in research, product development, testing, education, biological production, or other scientific, biomedical or veterinary purposes.
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