• Veterinary jurisprudence, veterinary forensic medicine and veterinary legal medicine are considered synonyms.
  • It pertains to their (animals) protection: unraveling crimes against them.
  • In a way it protects the animals, which in turn may protect the individuals and the society. It makes to understand the Principles of Code and Ethics for the professionals. It deals with the questions which related to injury and death of the animal brought to the veterinarian for taking up the matters in the Court of law. It includes line of treatment and diagnosis. It helps the vets to approach and handle the accident and poisoning cases in the field.
  • It is essential to have fair knowledge in the subjects of veterinary science to give evidence in Vetero - legal problems. He must be well aware off the Acts affecting his privileges and obligations in the veterinary practice.
  • Hence, a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures in the criminal courts is essential for veterinary practitioner.
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