Indian courts


Types of courts in India

 Two types

  • Civil courts: which deals with the civil matters relating to the individual claims of monetary transactions, property etc.
  • Criminal courts: which deals with the crimes against animals etc.

Highest courts

  • Highest judicial court at national level – Supreme court
  • Highest judicial court at state level – High court

Supreme court

  • Highest court in the country.
  • Has powers of superintendence over all high courts.
  • Law declared by Supreme Court, becomes the law of the country and is binding on all courts and tribunals.
  • Has got the authority to hear appeals against the judgments of high courts of the states.

High court

  • Highest judicial at state level.
  • Got full control over the judicial institutions in the state.
  • Got authority of hearing appeals against judgments passed by lower courts.
  • Got powers of appointing and transfer of subordinates judges and judicials while the executive magistrates are appointed by State Govt.

Criminal courts

  • There are 3 classes of criminal courts in India
    • The High Courts
    • The Courts of Sessions
    • The Courts of Magistrates
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