Classes of magistrates


  • Judicial magistrates of the first class present in every district as Chief Judicial Magistrates for the purpose of general control in every district. Similarly in every metropolitan area like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Chief Metropolitan Magistrates acts as Judicial Magistrates of first class.
  • The above two magistrates are appointed by High court. The High Court may also appoint Special Judicial Magistrates and Special Metropolitan Magistrate for a term not exceeding one year. The Judicial Magistrate of first class when placed in change of a subdivision is known as the Sub- Divisional Judicial Magistrates.  
  •  Judicial magistrate
  • Chief judicial magistrates.
  • Additional judicial magistrates.
  • Judicial magistrates of the 1st class or of the 2nd class.
  • Sub-divisional judicial magistrates.
  • Special judicial magistrates.
  • Chief metropolitan magistrates.
  • Additional metropolitan magistrates.
  • Special metropolitan magistrates.
  • Executive magistrate
  • District magistrates.
  • Additional District magistrates.
  • Special Executive magistrates.
  • Sentence which High Courts and Sessions Judges may pass
    • High Court may pass any sentence authorized by law.
    • Session Judges or Additional Session Judges  may pass any sentence authorized by law; but any sentence of deaths passed by any such Judge shall be subject to confirmation by the High Court.
    • Assistant Session Judge  may pass any sentence authorized by law expert a sentence of death or imprisonment for life or of imprisonments for a term exceeding ten years.
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