Vavilovian Centers of Diversity

Vavilovian Centers of Diversity

  • N. I. Vavilov (1926, 1951), a Russian geneticist and plant breeder, was the pioneer man who realized the significance of genetic diversity for crop improvement. Vavilov and his colleagues visited several countries and collected cultivated plants and their wild relatives for use in the Russian breeding programme to develop varieties for various agro climatic conditions of USSR.
  • Based on his studies of global exploration and collection, Vavilov proposed eight main centres of diversity and three subsidiary centres of diversity given as follows
    1. Main centres-
  • Main centres of crop diversity as proposed by Vavilov are (1) China, (2) India (Hindustan), (3) Central Asia, (4) Asia Minor or Persia, (5) Mediterranean, (6) Abyssinia, (7) Central America or Mexico, and (8) South America.
    2. Subsidiary Centers -
  • There are three subsidiary centres of diversity. These are: (1) Indo-Malaya, (2) Chile, and (3) Brazil and Paraguay.
  • All these centres are known as centres of origin or centres of diversity or Vavilovian centres of diversity.
  • Vavilovian centres of diversity of crop plants

    Name of centres

    Main crops for which genetic diversity is found

    A)Main centres

    I. China

    Naked oat (SC), Soybean, Adzuki bean, Common bean (SC), Small Bamboo, Leaf Mustard (SC), Peach, Orai Sesame (SC), China tea, etc.

    2. Hindustan

    Rice, Chickpea, Moth Bean, Rice bean, Horsegram, Brinjal, Cucumber, Tree Cotton,Jute, Pepper, African Millet, Indigo, etc.

    3. Central Asia

    Bread wheat, Club wheat, Shot wheat, Rye (SC), Pea, Lentil, Chickpea, Sesame, Flax,Safflower, Carrot, Radish, Apple, Pear and Walnut.

    4, Asia Minor or Persia

    Einkorn wheat, Durum wheat, Poulard wheat, Bread wheat, Two Rowed barley, Rye, Red oat, Chickpea (SC) lentil, Pea (SC), Flax, Almond, Pomegranate, Pistachio, Apricot and Grape.

    5. Mediterranean

    Durum wheat, Husked oats, Olive, Broad bean and Lettuce

    6. Abyssinia

    Durum wheat, Poulard wheat. Emmer wheat, Barley, Chickpea, Lentil, Pea, Flax. Sesame, Castor bean, African Millet, and coffee.

    7. Central America or Mexico

    Maize, Common bean, Upland cotton, Pumpkin Gourd, Squash, Sisal hemp and Pepper.

    8. South America

    Potato Sweet potato, Lima bean, Tobacco and Sea Island cotton

    B.Subsidiary entres

    9. Indo-Malaysia

    Banana, Coconut, Yam, and Pomelo

    10. Chile


    11. Brazil and Paraguay

    Peanut, Rubber, Cocoa, Pineapple.

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