Functions and deficiency symptoms of Sulphur


  • It is abundant in plant, particularly in the leaves. Plant absorbs as sulphate (SO42-) form. It does not easily translocated in plants.


      1. Required for synthesis of the S-containing amino acids like cystine, cysteine and methionine, which are important for protein synthesis.
      2. Role in photosynthesis by involving in structural formation of chlorophyll in leaves.
      3. It is a constituent of proteins and volatile compounds responsible for the characteristic taste & smell of plants in the mustard and onion families.
      4. It enhances oil synthesis in crops
      5. It is a vital part of Ferrodoxins (Non Heme iron, sulfur protein), S- adenosyl methionine.

    Deficiency :

      1. Pale yellow or light green leaves in younger leaves (Deficiencies resemble those of nitrogen)
      2. Stalks are short & slender, growth is retarded.
      3. Fruits often do not mature fully & remain light green in colour.
      4. In Brassica species, leaves shows cupping & curling.
      5. Cell division is retarded & fruit development is suppressed.
      6. Disrupts N metabolism, reduces protein quality & induces starch (carbohydrate) accumulation.
      S- Toxicity: Sulphide injury, necrosis of the leaves.
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