V. Micronutrient fertilizers

V. Micronutrient Fertilizers

  • Micronutrients are those which required by plants in very minute quantities by plants but they have equal role as that of primary nutrients. They govern most of the physiological as well as biochemical reactions of plant growth and development.
  • The most important micronutrients are iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, chlorine, boron and nickel. The fertilizers carrying micronutrients are;
      Fe carrying fertilizers
        1. Ferrous sulphate(19.0% Fe)
        2. Ferric sulpahte(23.0% Fe)
        3. Ferrous ammonium sulphate(29.0%Fe)
        4. Ferric and ferrous oxide70.0 and 77.0% Fe)
      Boron carrying fertilizers
        1. Borax(11.0% B)
        2. Boric acid(17.0% B)
        3. Sodium tetra borate(14.0% B)
        4. Borosite(21.0% B)
      Manganese carrying fertilizers
        1. Manganese sulphate (20.0 to 28.0% Mn)
        2. Manganese carbonate (31.0% Mn)
        3. Manganese chloride(17.0% Mn)
      Zinc carrying fertilizers
        1. Zinc sulphate (55.0% Zn)
        2. Zinc oxide (67.0% Zn)
        3. Zinc sulphide (67.0% Zn)
        4. Zinc ammonium sulphate(33.5% Zn)
      Molybdenum carrying fertilizers
        1. Sodium molybdate (39.0% Mo)
        2. Ammonium molybdate (54.0% Mo)
      Copper carrying fertilizers: Copper sulphate.
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