Course Outline

Module 1: Evaporation

Lesson 1. Basic Principles of Evaporators
Lesson 2. Construction and Operation of Evaporators
Lesson 3. Different Types of Evaporators Used In Dairy Industry
Lesson 4. Calculation of Heat Transfer Area and Water Requirement of Condensers
Lesson 5. Basic Concepts of Multiple Effect Evaporators
Lesson 6. Operations and various feeding systems
Lesson 7. Economy of operation, Thermo processor and MVR system
Lesson 8. Care and maintenance of evaporators

Module 2: Drying

Lesson 9. Introduction to Principle of Drying
Lesson 10. Equilibrium Moisture Content, Bound and Unbound Moisture etc.
Lesson 11. Rate of drying constant and falling rate, Effect of shrinkage
Lesson 12. Classification of Dryers, Spray Dryers, Drum Dryers and problems on Dryers
Lesson 13. Air Heating Systems, Atomization & Feeding System
Lesson 14. Factors Affecting Bulk Density of Powder, Spray Drying Controls
Lesson 15.Theory of Solid Gas Sepearation, Cyclone Separators, Bag Filters etc.
Lesson 16. Care and Maintenance of Spray and Drum Dryers

Module 3: Fluidization

Lesson 17. Mechanisms of Fluidization, Characteristics of Gas Fluidization Systems, Minimum Porosity, Bed Weight, Pressure Drop in Fluidized Bed.
Lesson 18. Application of Fluidized Bed in Drying
Lesson 19. Batch Fluidization, Fluidized bed Dryer

Module 4: Mechanization in manufacture of indigenous dairy products

Lesson 20. Butter making machines
Lesson 21. Ghee making machines
Lesson 22. Ice-cream making equipment
Lesson- 23. Cheese making equipment

Module 5: Packaging machines for milk & milk products

Lesson 24. Packaging Machines for Milk
Lesson 25. Packaging Machines for MilkProducts

Module 6: Membrane processing

Lesson 26. Ultra Filtration
Lesson 27. Reverse Osmosis
Lesson 28. Electro dialysis
Lesson 29. Materials for Membrane Construction
Lesson 30. Ultra Filtration of Milk
Lesson 31. Effect of Milk Constituents on Operation of Membrane Process
Lesson 32. Membrane for Electro Dialysis

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