Course Outline

Module 1:
Rheology of foods

Lesson 1. Rheological Properties of Foods
Lesson 2. Rheology of Processed Foods
Lesson 3. Rheological Methods
Lesson 4. Measurement of Rheological Parameters
Lesson 5. Rheological Properties of Fluid Foods
Lesson 6. Rheological Properties of Granular Foods and Powders
Lesson 7. Properties of Solid Foods
Lesson 8. Viscoelastic Models
Lesson 9. Measurement of Food Texture
Lesson 10. Instruments for Rheological Measurement

Module 2: Food freezing

Lesson 11. Thermal Properties of Frozen Foods
Lesson 12. Prediction of Freezing Rates
Lesson 13. Planck’s Equation and related Problems
Lesson 14. Problems on Planck’s Equation
Lesson 15. Neumann’s Problems and Tao solution
Lesson 16. Design of Food Freezing Equipment
Lesson 17. Study of Batch Ice cream Freezer
Lesson 18. Study of Continuous Ice cream Freezer
Lesson 19. Care and Maintenance of Ice Cream Freezers and Hardening Cabinets:
Lesson 20. Design Problems on Batch Freezers
Lesson 21. Design Problems on Continuous Freezers
Lesson 22. Air Blast Freezers
Lesson 23. Plate Freezers and Immersion Freezers
Lesson 24. Storage of Frozen Foods

Module 3: Food dehydration

Lesson 25. Water activity and mass transfer
Lesson 26. The Stages of Drying
Lesson 27. Estimation of Drying Time for Food Products
Lesson 28. Constant rate period and falling rate period dehydration
Lesson 29. Diffusion Controlled Falling Rate Period
Lesson 30. Heat and Mass Balance of Continuous Dryers
Lesson 31. Fixed Tray Dehydration
Lesson 32. Cabinet drying
Lesson 33. Tunnel Drying
Lesson 34. Problems on Drying

Module 4: Freeze dehydration

Lesson 35. Principle of Freeze Drying
Lesson 36. Heat And Mass Transfer In Freeze Dehydration
Lesson 37. Industrial Freeze Dryers
Lesson 38. Calculation of Freeze Drying Time

Module 5: Food processing equipments and unit operations

Lesson 39. Equipment for pulping
Lesson 40. Fruit Juice Extraction
Lesson 41. Blanching
Lesson 42. Dehulling
Lesson 43. Size reduction
Lesson 44. Distillation

Module 6: Recent trends in food processing

Lesson 45. Microwave Processing
Lesson 46. Irradiation, Pulsed Electric Field, Ultrasound Processing, Nano technology
Lesson 47. High pressure processing
Lesson 48. Microfluidization

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