Composition and Uses

Composition and uses

    Papaya is a very delicious, wholesome, refreshing fruit with a unique food value. The ripe fruits are used for desert purpose, preparation of jam, jelly, soft drinks, ice cream, flavoring, crystallized fruits, canned in syrup, fruits salad. The unripe fruits are consumed as vegetables also as a contraceptive. The seeds also have medicinal properties.
    The milky latex which is obtained from immature fruits is known as papain, which is a proteolytic enzyme used in several ways.
    • As a digestive aid and for the treatment of ulcer & diphtheria.
    • In the industry of pre-shrinking of wool and degumming of natural silk and rayon.
    • Tenderization of meat and it is used for tanning of leathers.
    • Used in brewing industries as a clarifying agent for beer etc.
    • Used in preparation of drugs for treating intestinal cancer, tape worms, round worms and kidney disorders. The carpaine alkaloid present in green parts and in seeds used as heart stimulant, as diuretic and for treatment of amoebic dysentery.
    • Preparation of chewing gum, cosmetics, papers and adhesive materials.
    • It is also be used for extraction of oil from liver of Tuno fish.
    Papaya is very nutritious, it contains high quantities of vitamin A and ranks second to mango in the content of vitamin-A (carotene), the vitamin A is associated with carotene but the yellow pigment of papaya is caricaxanthene. It also contains Vit. C, riboflavin, niacin, good source of Ca, P, Fe, fat and carbohydrates.
    Apart from papain, raw fruits can also be used for extraction of pectin. Pectin is generally extracted using alcohol precipitation method. It is used in food industry as flavouring extract and emulsifying agent.
    Tutti frutti
    • Papaya bits (immature) are first soaked in brine and boiled in sugar syrup and immersed in sugar syrup for 48-60 hours with permitted colours.
    • The other products like, Papaya jam, canned slice, papaya beverages, fruit bars/toffee bars, soft drinks etc, could be made out of the fruits.

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