Species and Cultivars

Species and varieties

    The genus Carica contains 48 species of which, only 3-4 species are important.
    1. Cariaca papaya – It is a cultivated commercial species and polygamous in nature.
    2. C. monoica - Monoecious and is suited for mild climate, found in Amazon basin.
    3. C. candamarcensis – This species is known as mountain papaya is suited to cold climate.
    4. C. gracilis - Ornamental
    5. C. pubescens - Mountain papaya
    6. Carica dodecaphylla - Jaracatia
    7. Carica goudotiana -Papayuelo
    8. Carica stipulata - Chamburo
    9. Carica quercifolia- Oak Leaved Papaya
    10. C. stipulate etc.

    C. monica
    Carica Monica

    Carica pentagona

    C. goudotiana
    Papayuelo - Carica goudotiana

    Honey dew
    • It is dioecious with less per centage of male plant and breeds true to the type from seed, semi tall variety, bear fruits low on the trunk heavily.
    • This variety is popular all over India, also known as Madhu Bindu
    Honey Dew
    Sunrise Solo
    • The variety is named ‘solo’ because one man can easily consume one fruit.
    • This is gynodioecious variety from Hawaii with small sized fruits, pyriform and yellowish orange pulp and keeping quality is good
      Sunrise solo

    Coorg honey dew

    • Selection from Honey dew at IIHR, Chethalli.
    • This variety produces no male plants.
    • The plants are either hermophorodite or female.
    • Fruits borne on female plants are almost seedless and are of excellent quality.


    • The plants are vigorous, stem and leaf stalks are with purple ting, fruits medium to large, round to ovate, sweet, pulp orange colour with good flavour.

    The improved strains released from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore

    • Co-1: It is a selection from variety Ranchi, dwarf type medium sized, spherical shape and greenish yellow fruits with golden yellow pulp good keeping quality, yield is about 100 –120 tons/ha
    • Co-2: It is a dioecious, semi dwarf, medium tall type, very good for table and papain extraction. It yields 5-6g. of papain per fruit.
    • Co-3 : A hybrid between Co-2 x Sunrise solo. It is gynodioecious in nature, Tall vigorous plant with medium sized fruits. The pulp is attractively red coloured and is good for table purpose, Yields 100-220 tons/ha
    • Co-4: A hybrid derivative from Co-1 x Washington. It is dioecious, medium- tall plant with large fruits (1-1.5kg) , Yields 100-220 tons/ha
    • Co-5: Selection from Washington and the plants are exclusively selected for papain extraction and yields about 14-15 g. of papain/fruit, Yields 100-220 tons/ha.
    • Co-6: Selection from pusa majesty, it yields about 80-100 fruits and also a high papain (7.5-8 g/fruit) yielder i.e., 890 kg of dry papain/ha, Yields 100-220 tons/ha
    • Co-7: It is also a gynodioecious developed through multiple crosses CP-75 ( Pusa deliciousxCo-3) and coorg Honey dew, yields 160-180 tone/ha.

    Co Varieties

    PUSA, Bihar-released some improved varieties.

    • Pusa delicious - It is a gynodioecious with medium sized fruits (1.5kg) and high yielder, male has been eliminated genetically by sibmating with hermaphrodite.
    • Pusa majesty: A gynodioecious, medium round fruits with good keeping quality. Plants resistant to virus diseases. The fruit with stand long distance transport.
    • Pusa giant- Dioecious variety with big sized fruits (2-3.5 kg), plants are very vigorous and resistant to wind damage. The fruits are suitable for canning industries.
    • Pusa dwarf: The plants are dwarf and bears fruits at 38cm from the ground, they are dioecious and medium yielder, medium sized fruits, suitable for HDP and home gardens.
    • Pusa nanha: A dioecious dwarf mutant and well suited for kitchen garden, nutrition garden and pot cultivation. It yields about 60-65 tonnes of fruit/ha. It is developed by gama radiation, suitable for High density planting.

    Varieties released from Pantnagar University- Pant-1, 2 & 3.

    • IIHR, developed some hybrids, they are
    • IIHR-39- Sunrise solo x Pink Flesh Sweet.
    • IIHR-57- waimanello x PPS.
    • Now a days Taiwan hybrids are grown on large scale – Red lady.

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