Truck gardening.

Truck gardening

  • It is the method of growing special vegetable crops in relatively larger quantities for distant markets by the employing of extensive methods. In this method of gardening, in general more extensive and less intensive method of cultivation than market gardening is followed.
  • In recent years the development of national highways and efficient motor truck facilities have improved this gardening considerably. The main feature of truck garden is given below.
      a) Such farms are located far away from the centre of consumption preferably by the side of rail route or metallic roads.
      b) Price of land and labour is comparatively lower
      c) Only few crops of semi perishable nature are grown on large area. Eg: Onion, Green chillies.
      d) Cost of transportation is high.
      e) Mechanization is followed partly or wholly.
      f) The cost of cultivation is less.
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