Punjab Chappan Kaddu

    Punjab Agricultural University

    It is an inbred selection from the segregating local variety of Punjab. Plants are bush-type, foliage thick and erect leaves non-lobed and green without white specks, mild ribbed with flat stem end and attrac­tive, average fruit weight is 80g and bears 10 fruits per plant, early maturing and is ready for first harvest in about 60 days from sowing. It has a predominant female tendency, field resistance to downy mildew and red pumpkin beetle. It is high yielding and gives about 20-25 tonnes/ha.

    Patty Pan

    IIHR, Bangalore

    An introduction from USA and recommended by IIHR for cultivation during 1972. A bush type and fruits are disc-shaped, chalky white, tender and very attractive at edible stage. A short-duration variety (85-90 days), yield 54 tonnes/ha.

    Early Yellow Prolific

    IARI, Regional Station, Katrain

    An early bush type variety. Fruits are medium sized, warted and tapering towards stem end. Light yellow skin turns to orange yellow on maturity. Flesh is ten­der at the stage it is consumed as vegetable.

    Australian Green

    IARI, Regional station, Katrain

    An introduction. Very early bush-type variety. Green fruits are dark-green with longitudinal white stripes all over, 25-30cm long, 15-20 fruits/ plant and very tender at edible stage. Yield 15-16 tonnes/ha.

    Pusa Alankar

    IARI, Regional station, Katrain

    An F1 hybrid between EC 207050 and Sel 1, PI 8 (a derivative from cross between chappan and Early Yellow Prolific), early maturing, having uniform dark green fruits with light-coloured stripes, slightly ta­pering towards the stem. The flesh is tender deli­cious and fruits mature in 45-50 days. High yield 20-30 tonnes/ha

Punjab Chappan                                   Kaddu Patty Pan

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