Services/ Facilities of the Disabled Handicapped

Children With Developmental Challenges 3(2+1)

Lesson 32 : Organizations Working for the Welfare of the Disabled

Services/ Facilities of the Disabled Handicapped

  1. Scholarships: are awarded to the visually handicapped, hearing and speech handicapped and orthopedically handicapped students for education, technical and professional training. This facility is being implemented through the state Government and Union territories of India.
  2. Supply of Aids and Appliances: this particular scheme is launched during the International year of the Disabled 1981.
    Aids and Appliances costing 2,500 to 3000 are provided free of cost to those whose monthly income is up to 2,500.
    During 1986-87 grants in aid of Rs1.85 lakhs have been provided due to 54 implementing agencies recognized for the purpose to cover about 89,000 beneficiaries.
  3. Financial assistance to Voluntary organizations: Financial assistance to voluntary organizations for providing welfare services to the disabled. Nearly Rs 322 lakh grant in aid has been provided to 180 voluntary organizations during the year 1986-87.
  4. Rehabilitation centre: The scheme of setting up district rehabilitation centre (DRC) was launched in a pilot basis by the Government in 1983-84. The scheme envisages comprehensive services for prevention and early detection of disabilities and rehabilitation of the disabled within the community. The scheme was initially launched in Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka in order to have a wider basis for experiments different models of rehabilitation programmes. Alter the scheme has been extended to Assam, A.P, Haryana, M.P & Rajasthan. It was proposed to establish a National Information and Documentation Center at Delhi.
  5. Special Employment Exchange: It is related to the placement of handicapped in gainful employment. During the year 1985, 5,200 handicapped were placed in jobs through the existing special employment exchange, normal employment exchanges and other general employment exchanges.
  6. Petrol subsidy scheme: Under this scheme 50% of the cost of petrol/diesel is reduced to handicapped whose income is less than 2,500 per month implemented by state government & union territories with the assistance of central government.
  7. National Awards: Every year national awards are provided to the outstanding employees of handicap by government, private sectors, local bodies, public sectors corporations and the offices of the handicapped. The award of the handicapped consists of a certificate, a medal and a cash prize of 1,000/- National award is also provided for the organization for the best work done for the cause of disabled in the country. the award consists of a certificate, cash prize of 20,000/- to the individual and one lakh to the institution.
  8. Reservation Services: To encourage employment of handicapped 3% of government posts are reserved.
  9. National handicapped welfare fund: has setup a National Handicapped welfare fund with the voluntary contribution for the public sectors and general public at large. The fund will be utilized to improve the existing services for the welfare of the handicapped.
  10. National Council for the Handicapped welfare (NCHW): It has been set up as an advisory board for the formulation of policies and programs for the handicapped in the country.

Other concessions available to the handicapped:

  • Exemption of road tax for invalid carriages used by physically handicap.
  • Supply of petro/diesel at subsidized rates.
  • Concessions in respect of educational qualifications for employment. Ex. knowledge of typing or clerical examinations.
  • Concessions relating to medical examinations.
  • Concessions in central government vacancies
  • Concessions for purpose of training students in industrial training institute.
  • Railway concessions
  • Loans at different rates of interest.
  • Airways concessions up to 50%.
  • Free delivery of Braille letters throughout India by posts and telegraph departments.

Preventive Programmes for Handicapped

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