Cereal Crops

Cereal Crops

    A cereal is generally defined as a cultivated grass grown for their edible starchy grains.Bulk of staple food crops all over the world comes from this group.
    Fig: Classification of Cereal Crops.

    Major Cereal Crops

    In general, the larger grains are used as staple food is considered as major cereals.
    1. Paddy/Rice : Oryza sativa
    2. Wheat : Triticumaestivum
    3. Maize/Corn : Zea mays
    4. Barley : Hordiumvulgare


    Millets are a group of small grained cereals which are of minor importance as food and they have a single cover. Millets are further classified into two groups.

    Major Millets

    1. Sorghum/Jowar/Great millet :Sorghum bicolor
    2. Bajra/Pearl millet :Pennisetumtyphoides
    3. Ragi/Finger millet : Eleusinecorcana

    Minor Millets

    1. Foxtail millet/Navane : Setariaitalica
    2. Little millet/Saame : Panicummilliare
    3. Kodo millet/Haraka : Paspalumscrobiculatum
    4. Proso millet/Baragu : Panicummillaceum
    5. Barnyard millet/Udlu : Echinochloafrumentaceae

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