Millet flour &Corn flour


Lesson 6:Other Types Of Flour Used In Baking- Their Role And Uses

Millet flour &Corn flour

Millet flour Millets such as finger, foxtail, barnyard and little millets singly or in combination upto 30 per cent can be used with refined flour in value added/dietetic baking. Addition of such flours increases dietary fiber besides protein and beta glucans.

Corn flour is prepared from the cereal Zea mays, maize or Indian corn. There are many varieties of these species grown, but the two chief varieties are known re­spectively as Flint Maize and Dent Maize. The corn is subjected to a wet milling process which first separates the endosperm from the bran and germ. The starch is then extracted by washing, and dried. Corn flour is also used to mix with wheat flour in the making of foods which require a very soft flour and fine texture.

Corn starchis a starch used as a thickener. It is manufactured by wet milling process. The process involves soaking the whole maize grain, milling it coarsely to remove the germ and hull and grinding, sieving, and centrifuging the remainder to separate the seed proteins. The resulting starch is washed, dried and reground into a fine powder resulting in single granules. It does not contain fat or fiber.

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