Oral Questionnaire (24 hour recall)

Lesson 6 : Diet Survey

Oral Questionnaire (24 hour recall)

In the 24 hour recall method, subjects, their parents or care takers are asked by the nutritionists, who have been trained in interviewing techniques, to recall the subjects exact food intake during the previous 24 hours period. Detailed description of all food and beverages consumed, including cooking methods and brand names are recorded by the interviewer. In this method quantities of food consumed are usually estimated in household measures.

A set of standardized cups suited to local conditions are used.

The steps involved are

  • The respondent is asked to list the food preparations made from morning to night i.e., at breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner etc.
  • An account of the weights of all raw ingredients used for each of the preparations is obtained.
  • Information on the total cooked volume of each preparation is noted in terms of standardized volumetric measures.
  • The intake of each food item by the specific individual in the family is assessed using standardized volumetric measures. The measures are used mainly to aid the respondent to recall the quantities prepared and fed to the individual member.

The success of the 24 hour recall depends on

  • Interviewer’s skill and training received.
  • Physical setting of the interview
  • Presence of neighbors
  • Social class difference between interviewer and respondent
  • Degree of interviewer’s familiarity with respondent.
  • Rapport, the interviewer establishes with the respondent.
  • Ability of the interviewer
    • To ask right questions
    • To probe for details of consumption
    • To converse freely with the respondent without the need for interpreter.
    • To identify whether the respondent is providing reliable data or not.
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