Strategies to combat

Lesson 11 : Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Strategies to combat

There are two important ways in controlling the disease.

  1. To provide Iodine to the community by fortification or by direct iodine supplementation.

    The only way to combat the problem of IDD is to provide iodine to the community. Fortification of food items such as wheat flour, bread, milk, sugar, drinking water and common salt are in practice in different parts of the world.

    1. lodised salt: Common salt has been selected as a suitable vehicle for fortification of iodine to control IDD.

      Salt is fortified with potassium iodate. In India the level of iodization is fixed under the prevention of food Adulteration Act and is not less than 30 ppm at the production point and not less than 15 ppm of iodine at the consumer level on dry weight basis.

    2. Iodized oil: Oil fortification with iodine is available for oral or intra mascular injections.

  2. Discouraging people from consuming foods known to contain high levels of goitrogens.
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