Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Lesson 13 : Role of National Agencies in Combating Malnutrition

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is the premier autonomous organization of the Government of India for planning, promoting, coordinating and conducting biomedical research in India. The objectives of the ICMR are in consonance with the national health policy and aim towards improving the health of the people of India through biomedical research.

The ICMR established in the year 1911, is one of the oldest medical research organizations in the world with a broad mandate to acquire new knowledge through the conduct and support of biomedical research in all areas of biomedical research that would have a bearing on improving the health of Indian people.


  1. To make scientists aware of the need and responsibility to protect new knowledge generated through intellectual property rights, ownership of biological and other materials and data generated using ICMR funds and facilities.
  2. To develop procedures at ICMR institutions to capture, assess and protect new intellectual property generated.
  3. To provide ICMR scientists information demand relating to patents in their areas of interest by maintaining appropriate national and international databases.
  4. To provide appropriate technological professional and legal expertise and services to assist ICMR scientists to file patents in India and abroad.
  5. To encourage and provide all support to universities and other institutions for protecting and commercializing new knowledge generated with ICMR support.
  6. To develop a licensing policy that ensures the maximal public health benefit and a fair return on investment from ICMR research.
  7. To develop and implement a royalty policy at ICMR institutions that encourages innovative scientists and technology generators through a system of royalty sharing and reward system.
  8. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Indian Government on IP related issues concerning public health.
  9. To forge appropriate strategic alliances with national and international Science and Technology agencies and industry to market its new inventions and develop professional knowledge network for ICMR’s technology management professionals.
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