Nutrition Foundation of India (NFI)

Lesson 13 : Role of National Agencies in Combating Malnutrition

Nutrition Foundation of India (NFI)

Nutrition Foundation of India (NFI) was founded by Dr.C.Gopalan in 1980 with the active co-operation and support of a large body of scientists and leading citizens. NFI is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary institution dedicated to the cause of eradication of under nutrition in the country. It is recognized officially by the government of India as a “scientific research body”.

The foundation derives financial support for its activities from enlightened private donors and from National and International agencies interested in the improvement of nutritional status of populations. The government of India’s continued support and goodwill facilitated the growth of the foundation.


  1. Highlight and focus public and government attention on national problems related to malnutrition: assess their causation, magnitude and implications and offer short term as well as long term action plans for their control.
  2. Institute conduct and support action oriented studies and research on these problems through existing institutes, university centers and other suitable bodies in order to evolve appropriate solutions capable of application in the current context.
  3. Investigate means to offset existing deficiencies in the pattern of production and distribution of foods and to ensure wholesomeness and nutritive value of foods sold for public consumption.
  4. Disseminate information on diet and nutrition, promote nutrition education in schools and through mass media, publish periodically a Bulletin in order to disseminate information on important facts of nutrition.
  5. Interact with the planning commission and governmental agencies to facilitate the formation, implementation and evaluation of nutrition programmes.

The foundation has always recognized the fact that the growing knowledge regarding diet and nutrition should be widely disseminated to the public and play an important role in extension education.

Foundation has also set up a separate body which deals with dietary and nutritional management of nutrition related chronic degenerative disease.

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