Difference Between Drying and Dehydration

Food Preservation Storage

Lesson 06: Food Dehydration and Concentration

Difference Between Drying and Dehydration

Both the terms ‘drying’ and ‘dehydration’ mean the removal of water. But the former term is generally used for drying under the influence of non-conventional energy sources like sun and wind whereas dehydration means the process of removal of moisture by the application of artificial heat under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and air flow. The Table 1 illustrates the differences between drying and dehydration.

Table 1. Differences between drying and dehydration processes:

Drying Dehydration
Cheaper Costlier process.
Colour of dried product is superior when compared to dehydrated product. Quality is better.
Not practicable unless favourable conditions prevail. Yield is higher.

Microclimate can be controlled.

Easy to maintain sanitary conditions.

Cooking and keeping quality is better.

Requires less floor area and fewer trays.
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