Biological Determinants

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 04 : Determinants Of Health

Biological Determinants

The physical and mental health of a person are determined by the nature of the genes at the time of conception. This cannot be changed later. A number of diseases are known to have genetic origin, called hereditary diseases. To name a few-chromosomal anomalies, errors of metabolism, mental retardation, diabetes etc.

The state of health depends on genetic constitution of man.

Milk intolerance or lactose intolerance in infants: This requires fundamental alteration in the diet.

Primarily switch over to cereal based diet in place of milk.

Diabetes mellitus: If both parents are diabetic, child will have one in four tendency to develop diabetes. If one parent is diabetic the chances reduce to one in eight.

Obesity: Obesity also has genetic origin. If parents are overweight or obese, children tend to become overweight or obese. Environment in terms of occupation and lifestyle also holds equal responsibility in the occurrence of obesity.

Gender based: Genetics as a determinant of gender, influences disease causation. Generally iron deficiency anemia is common among females of reproductive age. Coronary Heart Disease is more common in men.

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