Age and Gender

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 04 : Determinants Of Health

Age and Gender

Aging population though considered intellectual asset, a series of chronic diseases and disabilities accompany them which deserve special attention. Owing to improved medical facilities and increasing life span, the population above 60 is escalating. It has been estimated that world will have more than one billion senior citizen by the year, 2020, 2/3rd of them living in developing countries. Elderly population requires special care and attention.

During 1990 the concentration was based on women’s issues. In 1993 Global commission on Women’s Health was established. The commission drew up an agenda for action on women’s health covering aspects like nutrition, reproductive health, aging, life style related problems, occupational hazards.

Women’s health is gaining momentum among policy makers so as to include it in all developmental plans on priority.

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