Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition 3(2+1)
Lesson 8:Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)


Fat is a major nutrient and has several functions like:

  • It is a concentrated source of energy and increases the energy density of the diet.
  • It helps in the absorption of beta-carotene and other fat soluble vitamins.
  • Dietary fat must also provide essential fatty acids which are the functional components of membrane lipids and have other important metabolic function.

Considering the EFA requirement of different groups (Table) and knowing that the total invisible fat in a cereal based diet can meet more than half the linoleic acid requirement of an adult. The visible fat should preferably be in the form of an oil containing at least 20% linoleic acid.

Group Suggested desirable visible fat intake (g)
Adults 20
Older children 22
Young children 25
Pregnant women 30
Lactating women 45

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