Concept and Meaning of Information Design

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 1: Communication of Information

Concept and Meaning of Information Design

The main challenge of today is not producing and storing information but getting people to use the information. How much of information is used will depend on the skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it.
Information design is multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional because it involves script, images or picture, layout, colour etc. It is not possible to develop certain fixed rules about designing a message which can vary depending upon the users of the message, the information to be conveyed, availability of resources etc. However, based on research it is possible to formulate several Information Design-principles and then develop a number of guidelines for the design of effective messages and information materials.

Basically the information materials are developed to enrich the learning courses within a group or community. Information materials are the way of sharing useful information in appropriate and interesting form and on a timely basis to those people and groups who can make the best use of it. Information materials can raise awareness regarding the existence, nature, extent and severity of problems early on in the learning process and, at a later stage can provide useful and necessary information on technical options and solutions.

The other terms used for information design are graphic design, information graphics, and document design.
Some definitions of information design taken from a broad cross-section of authorities associated with the field are given below
  • Complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency
  • The point of intersection between language disciplines, art and aesthetic disciplines, information disciplines, communication disciplines, behavior and cognition disciplines, business and law and media production technologies
  • “Sense-Making”
  • The structure through which visual disciplines are expressed
  • The defining, planning and shaping of the contents of a message and the environments it is presented in with the intention of achieving particular objectives in relation to the needs of users
  • How we interact with and represent information
  • A design that supports the goals of the user and the creator
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