Need for Well Designed Messages

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 1: Communication of Information

Need for Well Designed Messages

Messages sometimes fail to accomplish their purpose for many reasons. Frequently the designer is unaware of the receivers and how they view things. For instance certain information like numbers and figures are better suited for graphs and tables or certain designs like booklets, folder and leaflets and other written information may be ineffective for illiterates.

It is therefore very important that the information to be transmitted is well planned and crafted so that the receiver of the message understands exactly what the sender wants to say.
Well designed information material

  1. Can make information simple and accessible to many types of people
  2. Can reach lot of people
  3. Can help break language and barriers

Disadvantages of information design

  • Will not necessarily understood by everyone/all
  • Does not guarantee comprehension, may even be counter productive if not well prepared
  • Requires considerable planning and preparation
  • Distribution of the material can be a challenge
  • All the materials may not be used
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