Consider Which Topics You Want to Cover

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 3: Key Steps in Planning Information Material

Consider Which Topics You Want to Cover

Depending upon your communications objectives the next step is to you want to cover in your materials. Here are the general types of information you can include in your information material:

Assess Available Resources
You should assess the available resources both human and financial for development of the information material

Assess Your Human Resources

  • Check human skills needed to carry out this project (for example, farm literature writing, focus group moderation, interviewing, graphic design, computer skills, meeting facilitation, and development of culturally appropriate materials)
  • Who is available to work on this project? Do existing staff, extension worker, and volunteers have the necessary skills and time?
  • If existing personnel are not sufficient, how many additional people are needed and what skills and time availability should they have?
  • What sources outside the program or agency can supply the staff or skills necessary for the project? Will they donate the staff or skills or do they charge a fee?

Assess Your Financial Resources

  • What money do you have available in your budget for this project?
  • If you need additional funds, what other sources are available from within or outside the program (for example, grants or donations)?
  • What materials development costs are associated with this project (for example, concept testing, graphic design, writing, printing, distribution)?
  • What overhead and material costs are associated with this project (for example, telephone, postage, space, computers, meeting expenses)?
  • What will you need to pay existing staff or outside consultants to complete this project?
    As you move along the materials development process and form a definite idea about the materials you are creating and how they are going to be produced and distributed, you will move to the next step.
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