Establish Materials Development Team

Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 3: Key Steps in Planning Information Material

Establish Materials Development Team

At this stage you will assemble a team of people to design and develop your information material. Your partners should be included in the team. You have already assessed whether you need to get the material prepared go outside your organization or have the human resources within and a budget for the team. Include the members of your team as early in the development process as you can because this will allow them to become familiar with your program’s development process, and to understand the objectives. If they join part way through the process, make sure to bring them up-to-date about what you have learned and done so far. List the services you will need, such as providing access to audiences, pretesting, writing, reviewing materials, layout, artwork, and /or working with printers.

Decide Whether to Hire Outside Professionals for the Creative Components
For some projects, you may decide to go outside of your organization and hire professionals to help you design, write, and develop your materials. These “creative professionals” can not only make things look good but can offer guidance about Efficient use of a limited budget;

  • Planning and scheduling material production and dissemination; and
  • Production specifications for a wide range of media in addition to brochures and letters.

Identify Your Overall Audience
Whether you are starting a new program or campaign designing new materials for an established program, or revising existing materials, having a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach is an essential first step.

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