Legal requirements

Lesson 6 : Legal Requirements

Legal requirements

Other legal requirements and formalities applicable to all forms of organizations:

  1. License is to be obtained from the Ministry of Industries if manufacturing activities are taken up. However industrial units employing less than 50 workers with power or less than 100 workers without power have been given exemption.

  2. Registration with the Registrar of Small Scale Industries of the state in which the unit is to be set up is compulsory.

  3. Registration with the Labour Commissioner of the state so that there is compliance of various labour laws and the Factories Act.

  4. Environmental clearance certificate has to be obtained from the State Pollution Control Board. However except for 17 categories of heavily polluting industries, such as fertilizer, sugar, chemicals, etc., sending an application is sufficient.

  5. The industrial unit has to get it registered with the excise department so that it can get concession under General Excise Duty exemption scheme.

  6. The firm has to be registered with Sales Tax Authorities and a Sales tax number is to be obtained.

  7. If it is a trading concern it is to be registered with the Shop and Establishment Authorities.

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