Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)

Lesson 48 : Hiv Aids


Protein requirements of HIV positive patients is 1.2 – 2.0 g/kg body wt/day. This is around 100-150g/day in HIV positive men and 80-100g/day in HIV positive women. In general 15-20% of total calories should be from proteins.

Protein Requirement for PLHIV

  1. PLHIV do not require more protein than the level recommended for healthy non-PLHIV of the same age, sex and physical activity level.
  2. At the onset of OI, the body loses nitrogen, which suggests a need for increase protein intake if OI remain untreated.
  3. Protein requirements may be estimated 1-1.4 g/kg for maintenance and 1.5 -2 g/kg for repletion.

Fat Requirements

  • There is no evidence that fat requirements are different because of HIV infection.
  • PLHIV with ARV or certain infection symptoms such as diarrhea may require changes in the timing or quantity of fat intake in some cases.

Fluids and Electrolytes

  • Insufficient volume of water (<50-70% of BW) inside the body can result in malfunctions of body systems. When mucous membrane becomes dry, there would be a higher risk of infection.
  • The average water requirement for a person is 30 to 35 cc /1 kg BW/ day (20% from foods, need to drink 80%of the amount lost)
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