Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 03: Principles of Visual Grammar


We do not walk with our nose sticking into a wall, do we? Or when we point a finger at something, do we like it if our hand hits a wall? Since the answer to both is 'no', it makes sense to leave some space in front of the principal subject in the direction of his/her movement. Some¬body looking or pointing in a particular direction other than straight into the camera creates an area of interest outside the screen area. Providing this space within the frame helps the viewer to connect to this outside-the¬ frame interest area. This space within the frame that connects to an outside space of interest is called the noseroom or leadroom.


When someone or something moves in a screen-right or screen-left di¬rection, we must balance the picture and provide leadroom space to the subject to move into. This will avoid a poor shot as in Fig. 1.16(a). In effect, we must lead the moving object with the camera rather than follow it, and this will give us a good shot as in Fig. 1.16(b).

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