Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 03: Principles of Visual Grammar


Since we move around and like moving with some space around us, particularly above us, a little space above an object in the frame is in order. The space above an object within a frame is called the head­room. Since part of the picture gets lost during recording and transmission, we must make provision for this picture loss while framing the shot itself. This area within which it is safe to frame the visual material is called the 'safe area' of the screen.
While too little or no headroom gives a constricted feeling, see Fig. 1.15(a), too much headroom can also result in an odd image, is shown in (b). Figure 1.15(c) shows a balanced shot.



A portrait of guitarist Adrian Legg demonstrates an excessive amount of headroom, with the subject's nose centered in the frame (a common mistake.)


A subtle lack of headroom with the subject's eyes only 28% of the way down from the top, not 33%


Good composition, with the subject's eyes one-third of the distance down from the top of the frame, following the rule of thirds
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