Factors Influencing the Design of Buildings

Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Factors Influencing the Design of Buildings

Type of building: Each type of building has many different requirements. It varies in building form and appearance, space planning for different utilities, furniture specification, lighting arrangement, materials and finishes, indoor climate, building codes and standards. The functions and goals of the business are just some of the many factors that influence the interior design based on the type of facility in the required in the building

Location: The design of project may be located in a small town or in an urban area; as a total building and part of a building. The cost of project or money spent on the building design and interior finishes will be influenced by project location. Expectations of the customer will be greater when the business is located in an urban location.

Nature of Activity: Type of project will be influenced by the nature of Activity. In case of a Food service business, it may be a simple bakery or exclusive coffee shop, a motel or an five star hotel. In the case of retail stores, it could be ready-made garment showroom or florist store or a foot ware store. The activities to be performed in each of these businesses will influence the amount space, type of furniture and equipment, safety, support services etc. The kind of ambience desire in each of these business outlets will be based on the anticipated customers and its location.

Customers: Satisfaction of customers in any business environment will be indication of In a business of restaurant, the customers may be neighborhood residents or tourists. Customer’s likes and dislikes, culture, living styles, affordability to pay for service will influence the interior designers design decision.

Client: Very crucial member in the society who provides funds for creating projects and depends on the services of architects and interior designers.Each client has different goals for the business, and the interior designer is challenged to satisfy all their unique demands.

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