Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 4:Public Buildings and Design Process


This first step undertakes to examine the issues to explore the best strategy for proceeding with the project:

  • What is the budget and scope of the project:
  • Will the proposed project work at the desired budget?
  • Is the site chosen suitable for the purpose? Is it zoned for the project? Are there sufficient parking, utilities, etc
  • What is the best strategy for developing the project on a given site?
  • What is the optimal size and type of building and yard?
  • It is the brainstorming process can be very helpful in beginning to establish specific goals of project. Tyese may focus on
    • People relationships - Identify the relationships and interactions of individuals within a group.
    • Status and function - Special requirements for circulation, public/private space separation, VIP areas,
    • Informal gathering spaces (coffee bars, break rooms, and shared equipment space), and storage (filing, coats, supplies, etc.).
    • The occupant’s rank or position will influence the square footage and selection of materials.
    • Equipment usage - Identify all equipment and its users within each facility or each area of the facility.
    • Efficient use of space - Maximize the use of all spaces for their functions.
    • Flexibility within the space - Recognize the future modifications and function changes
    • Aesthetics and comfort - Create an atmosphere that increases human comfort and efficiency (i.e., ergonomics) in a pleasing way.
  • Preparation of a report which documents all of the findings of the study and makes recommendations for proceeding with the next steps of the project.

By addressing these questions up front, we can avoid costly and frustrating surprises down the road

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